It’s been abandons for years! What could go wrong?

It seems like an easy trip with amazing promised riches. What could go wrong?

Welcome to Loch’ent Thruthar, the forgotten domain of the lord of Thruthar. Long abandoned after the lord of the region went mad and attempted to kill all of his subjects, it has been ignored by the locals out of fear and belief that all treasured had been pillaged long ago.

But has it truly been emptied?

Your party meets with their contact at the local tavern one cold and rainy night over a mug of mead and some savory mutton. Whispered tails of undiscovered treasure and long hidden magic fill the evening discussion as the mead continues to flow. You are not sure if you suggested it or your contact, but now you and your companions are headed to the abandoned domain to search out and find the lost treasure…if it truly exists…

Loch'ent Thruthar